Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Youth Ministry Lite #3

Youth Ministry Lite
By. Ashley Engleford

Our highlighted website this week is http://www.leestrobel.com/. At this website you can investigate your faith, Christianity, Jesus, etc. through excellent video clips featuring Lee discussing the topic and the evidence. This website is a must visit for you and your teens. Send them to Strobels website with their questions and they will walk away with answers.

Parents Nite Out is our highlighted event this week and it is great for the youth and parents alike. The event gives your teens the opportunity to serve others in the church and at the same time provides the parents of little ones safe, reliable babysitting and a couple hours free time to go out on a date with their spouse, make a grocery run, or maybe some simple peace and quiet. This costs nothing unless you buy snacks and drinks (which I suggest). To advertise the event, come up with an invitation you can have the teens hand deliver after worship services 2-3 weeks prior to the event (is a great opportunity for an artistic teen to put their talent to use).

For our talk sparker this week I want to talk about inspiring our teens. Inspiration is what we youth leaders should be passing out by the handfuls. If we are constantly giving them a list of do’s and don’t do’s, they will quickly grow tired of attending and we will have lost them. Inspiration is what will take apathetic, complacent teens and turn them into driven and passionate teens. Today’s times require that we be nifty and clever, while keeping the gospel pure at all costs. Teens don’t want a place that’s all fun all the time. They are searching for somewhere that walks the walk and gives the clear message of Jesus Christ all the time. So don’t be fooled into becoming an entertainment venue. Take the time to do the research and to try a variety of curriculums until you find the best fit for your students. Ask yourself “Am I giving them real life examples of teens like Alex & Brett Harris who are changing what it means to be a Christian Teen?” It is even possible to take your group to camps/conferences that have teen speakers, which is always inspiring to fellow teens. Society has set such low standards for our teens and battling those low standards is just that….a battle. There are going to be victories and loses but when your teens graduate and move on from your youth group, they will know how to fight and to not give up and to praise God no matter what..

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