Saturday, June 6, 2009

Youth Ministry Lite #5

Welcome back for more great ideas and insights into the world of youth ministry. This weeks first highlight is one of my all-time favorite websites to get lesson ideas, video lessons, and handouts: Dare 2 Share Ministries ( in an ace in the hole and Youth Pastor or Youth Leader should be without it in our "little black book" for youth ministry resources. Greg Stier, the founder, does a great job at providing top notch materials for for youth leaders, teens, and parents on his website, all for free! They even do conferences across America, teaching teens how to effectively share their faith with their friends.
Our second highlight is one of the best youth ministry magazines I have come across and you can always count on refreshing ideas, thought provoking articles, and helpful insights when you pick up an issue of Campus Life's Ignite Your Faith. This magazine if written for teens and young adults but is a tool all youth leaders should have within reach. Try a free trial issue and you will be hooked!
Our talk sparker for this week is about actively connecting with the teens in your youth group. How often do you make it a point to make and grow a more personal connection with your teens? Actively connecting with teens requires that we move beyond simply "showing up" on Sunday's and Wednesday's. It requires us to say hello to each of our students, to shake hands, to call on them to read scripture, or close in prayer, as well as to set aside time outside of church. This could mean sending out email or chatting via Facebook through the week or having a teen grill out where getting to know your teens more personally is the purpose. If we want to see their world, gain their trust, and earn their respect, we must draw them out and pursue them. We need to be better listeners, ask more probing questions, and share more of our life experiences. We must show them we deeply care by knowing them by name, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and when their birthday is. We must form a relationship with each and every one of them and nurture that relationship if we are to having a lasting impact on their lives. All the time respecting proper boundaries and never putting ourselves in potentially compromising situations. If we forget the basic necessity of teens to be heard and be known, we won't be the role model and mentor we are striving to be.

Quote to live by: "You may think you are leading, but if no one is following, all you're doing is taking a walk." Mark Batterson paraphrasing a quote from a beloved leadership guru

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