Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Youth Ministry Lite #14

Welcome back guys! Our first resource is found at under the section "Kids, Teens, and Money". Teens today do not understand about money management and you have the perfect opportunity to teach them! The curriculum is titled "Generation Change" and for $169.00 you can get 1 Leader's Kit and 8 Student Kits which come with t-shirts (Single student kits are $19.95). Dave Ramsey is the best teacher of how to gain financial peace for adults and students alike. With teens believing you can live off of a plastic card there is much need for financial guidance. For the most part they are totally clueless. Teaching them now before they are on their own could potentially save them from making life altering mistakes. Make sure you hold a discussion and allow the teens to ask questions and make comments so you can know where they stand and what you need to address.
Our second resource is one to share with your teens and possibly have a fundraiser to purchase the t-shirts ($18.99) which I believe are a great resource themselves. At, teens can join a community of their peers and be equipped and encouraged to share their faith. The t-shirts proudly proclaim the websites name which will have your teens friends asking them about their story.
For our talk sparker this week I would like to think about how your ministry is making an impact for Christ with the teen gay community. First of all, have you taught a lesson on homosexuality, how to witness to homosexual teens, and so forth? Is your youth ministry a safe haven where no off color comments about being gay are made? Would an openly gay teen feel welcomed and loved? I want to leave you thinking about that and how you could improve this aspect of your ministry. We will finish talking on this subject in next week's column. Have a blessed week and remember, every teen deserves hope!
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