Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Youth Ministry Lite

yOuTh MiNiStRy AdDiCtS yOu HaVe Come tO tHe RiGhT pLaCe FoR gReAt IdEaS aNd InSpIrATiOn!!!! Ok I am tired of typing like that..whew. I hope everyones week is going well, I know I have been slammed with work and checking items off my "To Do" list. I am also working on my first Youth Ministry book, which I am very excited about but I can say no more...for it is a secret!
On to our resources...Our first is a way to help bridge the gap between your teens and their parents by hosting a "What is MySpace and Facebook" seminar in which you act only as the guide and allow the teens to develop and lead a discussion on these two social networking sites. The point is to give your teens the opportunity the teach and at the same time teach the parents all they need to know about the sites which practically every teen uses. Make sure you allow time for Q & A.
Our second resource is a website in which to share with your teens, by Alex and Brett Harris. Ask your teens to visit the site and read or watch the latest blog entry, then the next time you meet, discuss the topic. It is a great way to turn your teens onto a great Christian website and its a great lesson idea.
As for our talk sparker this week, I want to talk about bridging the gap between the different generations in our churches. I have been reading the latest issue of Leadership Journal ministry magazine and that's where the idea comes from. What are you doing to bridge the gap? Are you making an effort to help the teens form relationships with older, more mature Christians? When teens do not have relationships throughout the church with a variety of generations, once they graduate high school they are more likely to leave the church.
So talk with your fellow leaders and Pastor about getting the teens involved in the running of the church. Some great examples of how to do this is have teens and adults serve together for a community service project. You will be amazed at how the Lord will work on both sides! Also, have teens serve as ushers, greeters, music, assisting with younger children, and so forth. That's all for now. Tell all of your fellow youth leaders about my column and if your interested in subscribing to my monthly Youth Ministry newsletter, which features this column and so much more get that info off of this site or leave a comment on this column. See ya!

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