Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Youth Ministry Ideas

When my son Garrett was little we used to like to take him for car rides. One day when
he was two, he asked his daddy, "Daddy, where are we going," His daddy said, "Crazy, do
you want to go?" The next day at home Garrett was crying in the front room while his dad
was laughing. I asked, "What's wrong", and Garrett sobbed loudly, "I want to go crazy."

Hot Topix:
A. National Day of Prayer is this Thursday on May 6th. With all the controversy surrounding the event and lack of support from our supposedly Christian President, we must stand strong and take the time on this day to be prayer warriors, alongside our teens. Keep the youth building open for a couple of hours after school so teens can come at their convenience to pray. Have some refreshments by the door that they can grab to take with them after they pray. Be bold and stand strong, our country needs all our prayers now more than ever.
B. Plugged In is a great event for your teens. Basically you will hold a lock in either overnight or for 4-5 hours. There will be no electronics or electricity allowed……no call phones, computers, electric lights, handheld gaming systems, etc. If you are holding the event at night, use candles or oil lamps (be extremely careful). Use the time with the teens to discuss what is important in life and staying focused on Gods Will for our lives, instead of allowing modern conveniences to keep us distracted. Get the teens to talking about how affected they are by these devices and help them come up with rules to live by in order to take control of these devices instead of allowing the devices to control them.

According to, today 75% of American adults identify themselves as Christians.
Thought to ponder: What does being a Christian really mean and why is this country drifting further and further from Christian morals?

Roughly 83 million Bibles are distributed globally each year, according to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (2009).

Free Resources:

A. The Way of the Master – (
Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have partnered together to encourage fellow Christians to get out and witness and to bring the unbelieving into a relationship with Christ. This website is full of tools and knowledge to grow your faith and that of your teens. Listen to audio lessons, street witnessing video clips, order materials, link to Ray Comfort’s blog, find out the station and time for their television show …and much more all on the website. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
B. Let Freedom Ring Ministries – (
Get your kids involved in standing for and when old enough fighting for our constitutional freedoms. This website contains Jody Hice’s daily radio program which features the latest news dealing with our constitutional freedoms and how they can and do affect Christians. Also get informed regarding the Hope For America rallies. Our teens need to understand that we are fighting a war in this country to keep our constitutional freedoms from being taken away. They must realize what a blessing it is to freely attend church and that there may come a day where that is no longer a freedom we Christians have, which is why we must fight.
C. (Illustration) – “Are the things your living for worth Christ dying for?”

Encouragement for the Road:
“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

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