Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Youth Ministry Lite

Welcome Back guys. I have more work than I can make time for and my blog has suffered, I apologize. This weeks edition is going to be short because I have attached the first edition of my newsletter for you guys to sample. If you are interested in ordering, simply contact me via this blog as a comment or the email on the newsletter.
I do want to share the website created by Mark Matlock. The site is geared towards teens, parents, and youth leaders. Teens can send in questions to have answered by Mark himself, read the daily devotion, and their is a store as well. Us adults can read various articles and much more.
I am almost finished reading "Venti Jesus Please" by Greg Stier, founder of Ddare2Share Ministries. It is a conversation held by three teens on faith in Jesus and I have never heard it explained better than what it is in this book. It is a short read and would be a great read for your teens as well as yourself. If you have the budget, purchase a copy for each student, read as a group, and discuss the material. Questions and doubts will come up in the conversation and will be clearly answered. Have a great week!

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