Sunday, January 10, 2010

Youth Ministry Lite

Hey Gang!! Hope all is going well in your piece of the world. The more news I listen to the more I believe that Jesus will be returning very very soon. Today's generation is the hardest to reach thus far due to what they come into contact with on a daily basis. Our kids can not walk into a grocery store without seeing a magazine cover with a shirtless guy who is this years "sexiest" man alive or a young woman who is wearing a shirt so low that you can see a good portion of her upper extremities. We have to lean fully on God if we are to start a revolution for God among this generation. We must encourage one another and unite as one.
From now on, I will only be posting every other week. I have not been able to keep my commitment to this blog so I believe this will help. If you are using the ideas from this blog please leave a comment so I know it is making a difference. Our first resource will recall you to do little researching. It is called "Whats In A Name" and it is a game and lesson all in one. The key of the lesson will be that names are very important. Back in Biblical times, a person was named for the characteristics seen in them. Compile a list of good names and bad names along with their meanings. Put the names on a poster board, dry erase board, or somewhere the kids can read them. Give them a pen and paper, ask them to choose a couple of names that fit with their actions (what would their classmates choose) on one side of the paper. Let them know it's for their eyes only so be honest. Then have them choose a couple of names that they would like to represent them. Challenge them to work on becoming the person they would like to be, the person God made them to be and to hang their paper up at home as a reminder. Ask them how it is going after a couple of weeks, remember we are called to make disciples and that means keeping up on how our lessons are affecting or not affecting their lives.
Our second resource comes from a book I am currently reading through called, "A Theological Miscellany" by T.J. McTavish. Find a lesser known bible fact or figure and start your lesson off with it and allow the teens to comment or ask questions regarding it. Note: It doesn't have to relate to your lesson.
Resource three is the quote, "God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him."
Have a great couple of weeks and keep fighting the fight!

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