Thursday, January 28, 2010

Youth Ministry Lite

Ok guys, I am back on schedule. I am going to be adding book and film reviews, along with some other things so please leave a comment and let me know what you like, what is helpful and what isn't! Let your colleagues know about my blog!
Our first resource is to hold a "Great Debate 2010", where you will allow teens to debate and discuss current hot topics that affect Christians. A couple of weeks prior to holding the debate, ask your teens to write down one topic they feel needs to be discussed. Choose which you want to use from there ideas and add with it topics you and your fellow leaders choose. I have listed below several which can be used if you do this soon. If you are reading this later on in the future, they will not be of use. Throw in a few philosophical questions, such as "What is commitment?" or "Define success." Prepare a list of comments and questions that you feel need to definitely be covered. Also have a couple of scriptures that go along with each topic. You want the teens to know where God stands on the issues. This will help you to control where the debate heads and keep it flowing.
Have the group set in a circle and let them know that only one person can talk at a time. You don't want a screaming fest. Also, do not let anyone bully or pick on another because of their views. Help them to respectfully discuss the issues and to think about the opposing view points and how to reach those who believe opposite of what the bible teaches on a subject. Make sure both sides to each topic is presented and share what the bible has to say on each.
A. Campbell County, Virginia - a young girl gave birth to her newborn and suffocated it. When authorities arrived the umbilical cord was still attached to the mother. Do to a loophole in the law, she can not be tried for murder because the baby was not completely separated from the mothers body.
a. How should Christians respond to this case as well as the loophole?
b. What can we do to get girls like this one to have the baby and give it up for adoption?
B. A mosque was recently opened up at Ground Zero.
a. Do you believe that Christians are being pushed to the side and that we are being silenced?
C. Allowing politicians to make immoral choices with no consequences.
a. What kind of example does this set for your generation?
b. Do you think those in charge should be held to a higher standard than they currently are?

Our second resource is the saying, "God is the God of 2nd chances."

Our third resource is the film, "To Save A Life". You can visit the website at This is a film that every teen needs to see and then have a group discussion on it. So many teens are hurting and this film brings to light one teens story of dealing with a childhood friends death and dealing with life in general. Have a great week!

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